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What is “WellBEing”?


I hear the term well-being thrown around all the time and while I had an idea of what it meant, I decided to look it up and see what the dictionary definition said.  This is what I most commonly found: “A contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.”

I love that! And then going deeper, what do happy, healthy, and prosperous each mean? For everyone, it can be something very different.

By getting clear on what each aspect of well-being means to you, as well as pondering how attaining an ideal state of each will affect your life for the better, it becomes easy to make a priority of creating a lifestyle that brings optimum happiness, healthfulness, and prosperity, ultimately resulting in a balanced, glorious state of well-being.

What increases your sense of well-being? Some ideas include:

Gratitude, Learning/Trying New Things, Genuine Friendships, Lot of Laughter, Eating Fresh Produce, Drinking Pure Water, Animal Friends, More Compassion, Less Judgement, Sunshine & Nature, Yoga & Meditation, Doing What You Love!, Positive Environment (people, surroundings, etc.), Contribution (through career or charitable work), Creativity & Art, Movement & Dance, and Play!

And then where does “WellBEing” come from… why the BE? Much more than doing, attaining, striving, reacting, it is the BEing that most matters. When not in action (mind or body), who are you? What is your state? Joyful? Content? Blissful? Angry? Sad? Still? Ultimately it’s your state of BEing that makes you Well… or not.

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” Francesca Reigler

“For everyone, well-being is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself.”  Deepak Chopra

Be sure to comment below with your own ideas!

Happy Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)!


Happy_Rosh_Hashanah_ResizedInstead of waiting til Jan 1, why not start anew today! The Jewish New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashanah, goes from the evening of September 16th, 2012 through September 18th, 2012. Rosh Hashanah is the day “we wake ourselves up to becoming the person we most want to be.”

The following post is an excerpt by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld:

Here are three steps to making a successful resolution:

The first step is to make a resolution that we can succeed in. When we make a resolution, we will have greater chance for success if it is a limited and concrete resolution.

Step two: When making a resolution and following through on that resolution, don’t expect immediate gratification. The key is to never let our personal feelings of pleasure interfere with our commitment to our resolution. So step two to a successful resolution is to not confuse how we feel with what is our ultimate goal as such a mistake will lessen our commitment and our dedication.

The third step in making a successful resolution is to never doubt one’s own ability to be successful. Many of us fail in our goals because we think we just can’t do it. We think it is beyond us. Too hard. We give up. Rosh Hashanah is a reminder that we are great, and we have the ability to succeed.

So these are three steps to help make our resolutions a success:

1) make a specific and limited resolution

2) don’t confuse our momentary enjoyment with the goal of the resolution

3) don’t ever doubt our ability to follow through and successfully complete the resolution.

Here is a bonus hint: Resolutions are more likely to succeed when they are publicly shared and when there is support from friends.”

What’s Your Favorite Non-Profit Organization?

We’re now creating the 2014 edition of WellBEing Resource and are giving away a free ad feature to an established and local non-profit organization voted for by our facebook friends and fans, as well as YOU our site visitors.

What is YOUR favorite non-profit organization in our region?  Scroll down a little to place your vote in the comments section below OR email us your fav organization today!

Adopt a Cat at Happy Tails

WellBEing Resource is a very proud sponsor of Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary in East Sacramento, which is a no-kill, all volunteer, cage free place where needy animals are rescued, nurtured, and provided shelter and medical care (including spaying and neutering) before being placed in safe, loving, permanent homes.

If  you have been looking to add a new, loving member to your family, check in with Happy Tails! After adoption, if needed, Happy Tails animals may be returned at any time, no questions asked.

For additional info, events, and specials, please visit their website:


“Happy Pills” for New Moms: Placenta Encapsulation

Post by Tamara Morales, The Placenta Mom:

Happy_Pills_resized“Placenta is a valuable tool for women recovering from pregnancy and childbirth and many mothers worldwide benefit from the placenta’s healing properties. Thankfully, despite our western culture viewing the placenta merely as a by-product of birth, more and more women in our area are embracing the time-tested wisdom of placental remedies, and are rediscovering how these remedies can transform their postpartum experience.

Moms of all walks of life enjoy the benefits their placenta capsules have to offer them during their transition into motherhood and for the last three years I have been honored to help these moms during this amazing time of their lives as a local Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

The placenta contains a rich array of the mother’s own hormones that assist with milk production, bonding, and recovery; boosts energy levels and immune function; and reduces inflammation, postpartum bleeding, and stress. It also contains high levels of iron, protein, nutrients, and minerals to help the mother recover and rebuild following her pregnancy and childbirth.

Mothers who take placenta capsules report earlier and enhanced breastmilk production, less postpartum bleeding, more energy, and a faster, more pleasant postpartum recovery. Placenta capsules can also reduce the incidence and severity of postpartum depression, and help new mothers to cope with stressful life transitions. Most  people think placenta capsules only has to do with PPD, but as the above list of benefits shows it really involves so much more and really comes down to balance and general well being for the new mother. 

My PlacentaMom clients call their placenta capsules their “happy pills” and say they would never give birth without doing this for their postpartum period.

Is your placenta in your birth plan?

For more information on how to have more balanced postpartum with placenta encapsulation, please visit

Check out the video below for a feature on Anderson Cooper:

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Ann DaPrato Exploring the Depths of Yoga


Ann DaPrato ERYT-500, shares with us her journey to and through yoga and her unique offerings at Rise Yoga Studio in the Greenhaven area of Sacramento, CA.  Check out the interview below and stop by her studio sometime: Mention WellBEing Resource for a FREE yoga class and other special offers available for new students to the studio…


Jill: When did you first fall in love with yoga?

Ann: I started practicing yoga when my two daughters got old enough to be busy without me (no need for Mom the chauffer). I decided it was time to do something for myself. At that time yoga in Sacramento was in its infancy, and there weren’t many places to practice, all I knew about yoga was that it was supposed to be “good” for you, but as soon as I started moving and breathing through the asanas in class, I was hooked. I loved the movement with awareness and intention. As my practice grew, I started to sense there was something more going on than asana, that it wasn’t all physical. I started doing some research and investigation on my own by reading books and attending workshops. Thus began my journey into the subtler practices, the philosophical aspects and lifestyle applications of yoga. When all the pieces fell into place is when I truly fell in love with yoga. 

Jill: What inspired you to start sharing and teaching yoga? 

Ann: It’s my dharma, I serve people by giving them tools and techniques to see themselves clearly, so they can take action to create their best self and best life.  Once I established my own yoga practice, it was natural progression and expression of my dharma to teach yoga to others. However, the real spark of inspiration to teach yoga came from my good friend and teacher Stuart Rice, E-RYT-500. Through his seamless weaving of philosophy, mythology and physical practices, I experienced the benefits of a balanced yoga practice. Yoga offers so many wonderful practices that just make life better, from the physical, to philosophical, to spiritual aspects. It’s always been my heartfelt desire to enhance the lives of those around me and yoga does it so perfectly.

Jill: What is your favorite style to teach and why? 

Ann: Like a lot of teachers, I started out teaching Vinyasa Yoga primarily as an asana based class. Throughout the years as my personal growth has evolved, and at the necessity of owning a yoga studio, I now believe the format of the class is more important than the style. Classes should be balanced in the various aspects of yoga such as asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and of course something to reflect upon. One of my favorite styles to teach is Kundalini Yoga. It’s an extremely transformative practice that offers the practitioner all aspects of yoga, not just asana. 

Jill: You teach a very unique class that I have taken and really enjoy called”Restorative Yoga with Hot Stones”. Describe the class and what inspired you to start offering it. 

Ann: I am so glad you enjoyed the class, Jill. Restorative Yoga with Hot Stones is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy to offer health and healing to each student we serve. It is a deeply relaxing class for the body mind and spirit. We can’t be our best selves until we understand and practice the art of relaxation. It is an essential tool for maintaining health and vitality. Restorative classes use props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks to sustain supported yoga postures effortlessly for extended periods of time. We then apply hot stones to various parts of the body to impart their deeply radiant heating effects, allowing the body to utilize the energy from the stones to assist in relaxation and healing. Restorative Yoga is beneficial for everyone regardless of age or experience, and is recommended during pregnancy, during life transitions, to heal illness or injury and to reduce the stresses of daily life. 

Jill: You also teach many philosophy based yoga studies/series. Please give a general overview of what is offered: 

Ann: I have a passion to enrich people’s lives, to help them feel better, function better, and take action grounded in their own personal dharma. Yoga has a wealth of information that facilitates the process. Making positive, lasting life-change takes time, courage and patience. It’s not easy nor for the faint of heart, but through the practices of yoga it can be done, and we can create our best selves. The Beginning Yoga Studies starts the student on their journey. We discuss and practice the five points of yoga as outlined in the Sivananda tradition. Intermediate Yoga Studies is for the student who has an ongoing asana practice and is ready for more depth of knowledge. Courses include Yamas, Niyamas, Chakras, Meditation & Positive Thinking, Meditation Practice and Creating Equanimity. Each class within the course offering includes asana, pranayama, theory, mantra and meditation. Advanced Yoga Studies steps up the effort and is recommended for students willing to put theory into daily practice. Students interact in self-inquiry to uncover their personal dharma and develop their sankalpa. This course includes daily meditation, a dietary cleanse, homework assignments and culminates in a weekend at the Sivananda Yoga Farm.  

Jill:  Wow!  Thanks so much Ann.  It’s clear that you have much to share, in all aspects of yoga, with our community.

Juicing Makes Coffee Urges Go Away!

I had no intention of giving up my coffee (which I had about 4-5x’s per week on average), but when I started juicing, something interesting happened:  My coffee desire/urge went away!

I started juicing each morning: veggies & fruits such as apples, beets, kale (dino, not curly), and carrots. Surprisingly, after a few days I realized “Hey, I haven’t had any coffee!”  I didn’t try to curb my coffee desire, it just happened naturally.

Juicing provides an AMAZING amount of very easily digestible nutrients and therefore no additional “energy boost” is needed.  Some like the taste of coffee or even enjoy the ritual of having their morning cup of joe…  but for some reason this all just went away for me.

About three weeks went by, juicing almost every day, and then “life got in the way” and I stopped for a few days.  My “coffee desire” returned, so I grabbed a coffee at my local spot at around 1pm in the afternoon; Unfortunately, that night I couldn’t fall asleep until 5 in the morning! Apparently, my body had become very sensitive to the stimulant after not having it for so long.  Fortunately, it was the weekend, but I had a fun day planned with family and because of the lack of a good nights sleep, I had no energy to fully engage or simply feel my best.

So, today…  I start back on my morning juicing ritual!

The image featured in this post is the juice I’m drinking as I write this: 1 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 red beet, and 2 carrots.  I try my best to get all of my juicing fruits & vegetables organic for highest nutrient content and no chemicals/toxins.

Cheers and please let me know about your favorite juicing recipes 🙂

Inspirational Quotes

What is your favorite inspirational quote?  One of my favorites is below… it has really rung true this year and it’s something I keep reminding myself of!

No matter who tries to hold you down (including yourself & mind), know that beautiful things, creations, and transformations are right around the corner. Stay in integrity, put your  into your soulful offerings to the world and no one can stop you!

Please share with me your favorite inspirational quotes 🙂


Whole Earth Festival in Davis, CA ~ Mother’s Day Tradition

A wonderful tradition every Mother’s Day Weekend is the Whole Earth Festival in Davis. Tons of amazing vendors offering the coolest hand-made creations such as: pottery creations (bowls, cups, vases, and more), hemp clothing, jewelry, soaps and other body care products, as well as natural health and wellness solutions (such as Watsu vendor Laurie Loving) and yummy vegetarian food (garlic fries are always a favorite!), plus so much more. Attendees also enjoy diverse live music, speakers, workshops, dancing hippies, and overall shiny happy people and good vibes.

Oh… did I mention there’s no charge for entrance or any of the entertainment? Hoorah 🙂  Do bring some cash for any special treasures you may find and fabulous eats & drinks.

See Jill and Alice featured in the picture below ~ giving out free copies of the 2012 WellBEing Resource and helping out at the Watsu booth:

Hope to see you there next year!

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