Soul, Spirit, & Shamanic Work

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Katie Rubin, Akashic Records Readings & Energy Healing
510-985-9509 • Virtual

After 20 years of training with Master Spiritual Healers around the world, and 12 years as a working Reader and Healer, Katie’s Akashic Records Readings are fast, potent, and clear. Her ability to relieve pain, trauma, injuries, and limiting beliefs with energetic healing is profound. Ask any question and receive clear, specific guidance. Use promo code UrbanWizard for $50 off your 1st 50-minute reading.

Laurie L Furr, Shamanic Practitioner & Reiki Master
Energy healing across all lines of time
916-533-1050 • Greater Sacramento

Laurie is a shamanic practitioner and reiki master with a deep connection to spirit.  Laurie offers: Shamanic Healing & Counseling, Energy Readings, Soul Retrievals, Spiritual Extractions, Soul Remembering, Spirit Guide Reunion, Energetic Space Clearings, Reiki, Karmic Cleansing, and Ancestral Healing. Mention WellBEing for a free 30 minute consult + 20% off your 1st service!

Diane Hovey, PhD. – Transformational Healing
Hawaiian Shamanic Tradition – Lapa’au
916-925-8200 | 916-965-6558 • Fair Oaks

Healing, whether of the body, mind, or spirit comes from within. Together, through a blend of disciplines that meet your unique needs, we will discover and unlock the doors that stand between you and who you were born to be. The work may involve soul retrieval, past life / between lives regression, and Hawaiian Lapa’au. The foundation of the work we do together stands upon a masters in counseling psychology from the University of Hawaii, certification in medical hypnotherapy, and training in Hawaiian healing from the last of the Po-okahuna bloodline kahunas, David Kaonohiokalua “Daddy” Bray. The results are rapid and deeply profound.

Heaven Sorcerer Master Hien Nguyen
Contact Disciple: Sara Myles
916-757-3681 • Sacramento

Hien Nguyen is a Buddhist Lay Monk, Buddhist Hermit, Master Sorcerer, Spiritual Healer, Exorcist, and spiritual consultant. He specializes in solving your problems, such as business, family, marriage, spiritual, property, friendship, illness, job. He is a Mystic practitioner, helping people for over 52 years. Master Hien currently resides in California and humbly offers his assistance to those in need of consultation for exorcism, spiritual advice and healing. Master Hien will also have a new book published called “Understanding of Karma” by summer 2021.  |

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