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Fresh Off The Press!

Get Featured in the Next WellBEing Resource!

We are now reserving space in the upcoming edition of WellBEing Resource ~ we locally distribute 20,000+ of the annual print guide; All featured will be included in the online directory + can post unlimited happenings to the WellBEing community calendar.

UPDATE: We are in the midst of a huge website revamp ~ The site will be beautiful, user & mobile friendly across all mobile devices, with an easy to navigate directory & amazing new calendar of events.

We’ll also have opportunities for some of those featured to submit blog posts, be on our new podcast, host WellBEing Mixers, do a facebook live with Jill, and more!

Click HERE for options and/or HERE to apply!

Call/text, 916-538-9355, email, or schedule a time to talk with Jill 1-on-1 HERE

Looking for a Holistic Practitioner?


Visit our online directory of local natural health & wellness practitioners, as well as related events, healthy eateries, retail establishments, and more!

Click HERE (or image above) to view our online directory.

We also have free, and beautiful, printed WellBEing Resource guides. Click HERE for places to pick one up (or option to have one mailed to you)!

WellBEing Mixers

We have a great time at the WellBEing Mixers! A chance for WellBEing practitioners, and those interested in services, to join together to meet, nosh, and enjoy!

We host throughout the local region and vendor opportunities are sometimes available…

Interested in attending the next mixer?

Call/Text 916-538-9355 or Email

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