WellBEing Resource: Natural Health, Wellness, and Holistic Guide for Sacramento, Roseville, Davis, Folsom

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Many thanks to Jill for your publication, WellBEing Resource! I am sincerely grateful for the effort and dedication you put into creating and sharing it. I am grateful to have become part of an amazing community. It has always left a positive impact on me. Not only did your publication enhance my knowledge and understanding, but it also sparked my curiosity to dig deeper into holistic health. Your work is not only informative, but also has encouraged me to delve into further research and expand my knowledge and fulfill my passion for doing energy work. Thank you again for your valuable contribution to the field and for making a difference with your publication.”

Jacquelynn Knoll, Waves in Motion

I have been a part of WellBeing Resource for 10 years because it’s a great resource for the community and source of referrals for my practice. And a wonderful way to be connected with other local health practitioners. I just love being part of it… I see it as a no-brainer to renew every year.”

Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center

In my own experience, this is the only advertising publication that has ever paid for itself.  In my practice, other than word of mouth referral, all of my new clients come from WellBEing Resource!”

Diane Hovey, PhD 

I love the printed WellBEing Resource guide; it’s beautiful and is unique — a collection of holistic and healing services and products. My customers are looking for help in their new wellness journeys, so it’s enthusiastically received and used!”

Angelique Miller, Zest Vegan Kitchen

I am very happy to be part of WellBEing Resource and highly recommend it to everyone! I love the people who come to me from WellBEing Resource… great people who are actively concerned with furthering their well-being. Of all the publications I have gotten the most referrals from this one.”

Dr. Gail Derin, L.Ac.

Every year I renew my advertising because it works! I have met with dozens of new patients over the years from WellBEing Resource. I like to be part of the wellness community and thank you for making it possible for people to find wellness practitioners all in one place.

Pamela Connor, CN, Nutritionist

Let me just say… I love being part of the WellBEing Resource. It works!“

Andrea Lambert, RN, MS, LMFT

WellBEing Resource is very easy to give out and have available with you when you are looking for a practitioner. So nice to have all the categories in one place!”

Amber Vodden, Picture of Health Chiropractic

It is an honor to have been a part of WellBEing Resource all these years and to know Jill. She has really created a beautiful, professional, and quality publication, filled with love and light for all of us who do our holistic service work. Thank you for everything you have done for me.”

Marion Hakata, Living Reiki

I have received some wonderful clients from WellBEing Resource! Thank you for all that you do to bring holistic resources to our community.”

Christie Vallance, Inspiring Wellbeing

WellBeing Resource has been the communication crossroads for the healing community for many years and is regarded as the ‘Go To’ when it comes to people searching for connection with providers of almost any type.”

David E Dowdy, Healing Hands, Healing Hearts

I experienced instant marketing success with WellBEing Resource! Jill put together a beautiful, clear, and thoughtful marketing message for my upcoming workshops and not only are they now filling, within hours a beautiful soul reached out for deeper level coaching! WellBeing Resource is full of light and grounded in getting people connected for their mutual well being!”

Heather Needham, Spiritual Coach

WellBEing Resource has been a mainstay in connecting to clients seeking my offerings throughout the years! This is the greater Sacramento region’s premier resource guide, highlighting an array of the best healing and wellness practitioners around.”

Grace Arielle, Embodied Wellness

To all my holistic friends who may have a business you want to promote to like minded people… here is your chance. WellBEing Resource Guide is an amazing way to get your name and offering out there. It has worked beautifully for me in generating clients and I can not say enough about Jill Bernard, the mastermind behind it. Her vision is inspiring and her support has been invaluable. So, check it out as an option and I am sure you will be pleased! Thanks Jill, you are the best. I am forever grateful!”

Deborah Toohey, LightPathways & ImagePathways™

I just wanted to give a shout out to Jill, for really being on top of this and being so helpful with wording and design. Once I started advertising, my business really picked up and it’s getting better and better.”

Teresa Gaitan, Gaitan Healing

WellBEing Resource is the only paid advertising I’ve done for the last 8 years, and I get plenty of client referrals. I really appreciate how well-designed it is, and how easy it is for potential clients to use.”

DeAnna Torres, Transformational Hypnotherapy

I’ve already received three new clients this month alone from my feature in the WellBEing Resource… I’m very pleased!”

Sharon Fong, Myofascial Release Therapist

I have had a marvelous experience of both patients and partners reaching out to me from the beautiful, popular, and easy to find WellBEing Resource. Thank you, Jill, for making our work as healers easier.”

Gloria St. John, Gold Hills Homeopathy

I have used the WellBEing Resource to refer others to people in other areas of expertise and locations. Clients have found me using the resource guide and are so thankful for the alternative resource!”

Cindy Mcgonigle, Massages By Cindy

I had a really good year with the WellBEing Resource. I’ve received a lot of great referrals!“

Dr. Glayol  “Goli” Sahba M.D.

It is so nice to be a member of WellBEing Resource! I have loved getting referrals from Jill’s gorgeously designed booklet. It’s a great way to reach people who might need to learn how to transition to Whole Foods, plant based, oil free diet to achieve optimal health and correct weight. I also like meeting new people who are teachers of health and well-being. I am honored to be a part of your WellBEing Community!”

Linda Middlesworth, VeganMentor, Food for Life Instructor

  “I’ve used WellBEing as a resource for years. The oldest one I have is for 2015. I’ve even found speakers for our annual conference by going through the pages of WellBEing Resource guide!”

Marleece Peart, TPR

Our Holistic Realm is much in demand and so needed more than ever. I applaud you, all of the practitioners and other providers in bringing awareness, availability, and access for our community to seek Help, Peace, Calm, Enlightenment, Healing & more. Warm Regards & Appreciatively.”

Bette Biederman, ESAC Achievement Center

Thank you Jill for providing such a professional way to promote local businesses. I received a call from my ad the first day the WellBEing Resource guide was out. This call turned out to be a long term client and good friend. I also enjoy watching your social media on all the places you visit to promote the healing artists in WellBEing.”

Saeeda, Body Reconnection

I love the print guide because people will call me and say I was looking through this book (WellBEing Resource) and I saw your face and can I have an appointment. It’s even more than a marketing tool, it’s kind of a keep your circle close tool.”

Andrea Heffner, Spiritual energy healing guide

WellBEing Resource has been a significant source of exposure for us. It has brought us many new wonderful students and clients and has certainly paid for itself many times over! This is the only advertising we do! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be professionally represented with some of the most amazing practitioners in the area.“

Kathleen Johnson, Reiki Practitioner/Instructor

I just worked with a new client who saw my listing in WellBEing Resource. He was so grateful to have discovered WBR, as it was so helpful to him to read about the many different modalities for healing and practitioners featured.”

Linda Gold, Reiki Practitioner

“WEllBEing in the most comprehensive resource of alternative healing practitioners and events. The annual coverage has people saying, ‘I saw you in the WellBEing directory!’ I’m thrilled to report that I have already received two new clients within the first week’s distribution ~ You do good work! I am so grateful to be part of the WellBeing Directory! It’s great exposure and I appreciate having a “freebie” to give to my massage clients and people who visit my booth at healing festivals. Thanks for offering our community such a wonderful resource. And thank you, Jill, I can always count on you for support and great ideas!”

Laurie Loving, Loving Aquatic Massage

“I am honored & grateful to have the opportunity to expand amongst a wonderful community of Holistic Healers. Thank you, Jill, for curating such a marvelous resource!”

Ashlynne Jordan, Sacred Trinity Massage

“I love the resourcefulness WellBEing offers! Amazing healthy ways to feed our soul inside and out!

Ashleigh, Channels of Light and Joy 

“As a massage therapist, WellBEing Resource was the first place I felt comfortable advertising, as it was within a holistic healing context. I’ve loved watching your growing journey, playful tenacity, and authentic, grounded, yet goddess-like presence! And now because it is more thoroughly distributed (including El Dorado County) and a well regarded directory, I feel my investment into accessibility and exposure has real value!”

Mija Cameto, CMT

I just received a call from an oncologist office that found me in WellBEing Resource!They want me to come in and do one hour experiential art courses for 10 patients, potentially ongoing… I could not be more honored to know my art processes will work to heal in such a soul-to-soul way. Thank you WellBEing!”

Deidre Trudeau, Brush of Creativity

I love how WellBEing Resource creates a platform for all holistic and healing modalities and practitioners to come together in support of each other and our collective mission to help others feel better and to be well in body, mind, heart & soul!”

Nina Ketscher, MA, PPNE, CEIM

“This is such a great resource to be featured in… as well as fining services I need! Thank you for the great quality you put into this!”

Michele Mariscal, EnergyM, Growing Through Grief

The pooling of resources in WellBEing Resource for all the healers is really nice to see who is around us and how they can help.

Kimberly, Massage Kneads

I Love all of the resources available at so many different places in WellBEing Resource. It is a wonderful booklet to let everyone know where to get holistic references.Thank you Jill for your wonderful healing wealth of inspiration through your divine idea!

Jamie Keenan, The Spirit of Nature

Proud to be a part of and offer this amazing guide to health, balance, & transformation. What a truly wonderful resource for all, especially those working towards a healthier way of of life! Thank you Jill for creating the WellBEing Resource handbook and for having Sun & Soil be a part of the love.”

Sun & Soil Juice Co.

“People need to know where to go to find healer facilitators/light workers and WellBEing Resource is where many of them are listed. It is an important resource at this crucial time in our history.”

Lorraine McCall Chilson, Energy Healing and Hypnosis

I love how Jill helps us all get our names and faces out into the world, through Facebook I have been contacted several time because of WellBEing Resource. I love how professionally put together it is, and classy. I feel confident handing them out as they really reflect a beauty and collaboration that I can really stand for. I am honored and thankful to be one among many in a great community of healers and coaches.”

Katie Wise, Solaris Rising

Within 15 minutes, Jill gave me tools and ideas for effective marketing. She quickly and clearly understood my mission, goals, and customer avatar. She also was able to see my passion for teaching and guided me towards promoting that fully. A few short weeks into implementing her wisdom and my business is soaring. This means the light shines brighter and reaches farther. Thanks Jill!”

Heather Needham

I have benefited by working with Jill/WellBEing Resource on so many aspects of my business, social media, postcards, flyers, technology and more. WellBEing has gotten my name out to the public, as well as given me many choices that I refer my clients to and utilize myself.Awesome publication.”

Terry McSweeney, Fibromyalgia Pathways

WellBEing Resource is the #1 resource for spiritually-minded businesses! I’ve done business with many of those listed in their pages and advertised my own business as well. Jill is AMAZING at getting the “books” out EVERYWHERE!”

Michelle Paisley Reed

I love to keep the print WellBEing Resource guide nearby as a healing resource. When I’m in need of a local practitioner and I don’t have a recommendation, I can trust this guide to lead me to a genuine source. I also always enjoy the artwork on the cover!”

Tamara Richey, Support 4 the Sensitive Soul

WellBEing Resource is a true resource for your spiritual life. Both the print guide and online directory are a resource for help when you need it. All you have to do is open the pages or look online at the directory and find that help from a large variety of natural, spiritual and healthy alternatives for your spiritual health and well being. When I first began my spiritual path I looked to the print guide for help, finding two different healers who helped me tremendously. Years ago I was so lost before I found the guide and the help it held inside. I am forever gratefulthe the WellBEing Resource Guide is available today, continuing to help others stepping onto their spiritual path. Thank you Jill for publishing this resource!”

Suzanne Thibault, Padicma Founder

Love having all of these resources in one place!! WellBEing Resource is a beautiful one stop guide that let’s everyone know where to go, whether it’s for reiki or kundalini yoga or other spiritual guidance. A great healing resource for our journey!”

Sevakjot Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

I love the diversity of categories! The WellBEing Resource print guide is so fun to look at, I love seeing all that Sacramento has to offer.”

Shannon, Sacramento Massage Studio

I love that WellBEing Resource connects high quality healers to the world! It’s so nice to have one guide that you can trust to find the healers who are so committed to helping the world get the results they desire.”

Marion Tobias

I love WellBEing Resource because it’s so VERY informative and shows how many wonderful people and places are involved in OUR “WellBEing.”

Janis Kruger, Loomis

We have truly enjoyed getting to know the folks in this wonderful resource and the coming together of community. Jill has always been a pleasure to work with.”

Ray, Solaris Rising Inc

I especially appreciate the WellBEing Resource community calendar and farmers market information. I also enjoy your videos, you are such a light! Thank you, Jill!

Kim Knighton

I love that WellBEing Resource is a directory for holistic / alternative health practitioners ranging from acupuncture to mental/behavioral health and spirituality. I’ve benefited by finding fairs and practitioners and yoga studios. Love it!

Stephanie Isaac, Dept. of Healthcare Svcs.

WellBEing gives me a nice resource for providers that I may need and not have the availability to find otherwise. Being I would rather utilize holistic medicine and natural types of treatments, this helps me find those resources so that I may progress with a healthy, happy life.”

Pamela Rule, Auburn

I love having like minded services and people in one place: WellBEing Resource! I want to be around people on a similar path.”

Erika Virdi, Woodland

The WellBEing Resource guide in general is super useful for getting a clear picture of different businesses I would want to use. I found the morning routine ideas to be a huge help in grounding my nervous energy during the day!”

Olivia Nichols, Placerville

I was able to find out that health coaches were a thing through WellBEing Resource and now I’m becoming one!!

Ariel G Elliott, Sacramento

Really like having a trusted resource for holistic lifestyle options in the Sacramento area that is free to grab throughout the area. Learning about business I never knew existed, available classes, and different ways to live/enjoy a holistic lifestyle. Thank you WellBEing Resource!

Justin Abramson, Health Coach

I love finding things to help with de-stressing. I used some local resources for acupuncture I found in the print version of WellBEing Resource. I remember when the first edition came out.”

Amanda Lawson, Empower WIRE

WellBEing Resource has opened my eyes to all kinds of healing modalities that I didn’t know existed in our area.”  

Mary Hubbard, Rocklin, CA

WellBEing Resource is a handy guide to have… so many great healing professionals at your fingertips! It’s nice to see their pictures, too, and have a face behind their business name.”

Gwladys Le Guen “Siri Ajeet”

There are quite a few reasons why I love the WellBEing Resource. 1. Anytime I want to go a a natural holistic health path the WellBEing Resource is my first go-to. 2. The online ads it referrals are awesome to use as a business and as a consumer, both which I have used. 3. When looking for a unique spa to take my daughter to I found one in the WellBEing Resource that was a very cool and different experience for the both of us; Ceder bath in a Japanese garden setting in Santa Rosa (Osmosis).”

Erica Colby, SALTS

Thank you kindly! You are providing such valuable communications and I appreciate it.”

Lyndi Stanton Walker, Woodland

Sacramento is blessed to have Jill Bernard and the WellBEing Resource! This FREE publication supports our community by connecting them with natural health businesses and wellness practitioners. I love the support WellBEing Resource offers our community. I love that this free publication helps integrate many wellness modalities and puts clients in contact with healers and teachers. I am also grateful to be able to share my personal upcoming events on the WellBEing website and social media! ”

James Kapicka

WellBEing is a trusted resource.I have made countless connections with like-minded people for my personal and professional life and I look forward to many more.”  

Jenifer Novak Landers

WellBeing Resource allows me the opportunity to read about area resources to cultivate good health spiritually and physically and connect with the wellness community.”

Terie McIntire

I absolutely love the WellBEing Resource website & guide and use it often to find Alternative Healthcare and Wellness Practitioners, Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants, Spiritual Healers, Trainings, and Events around the Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, and Yolo counties.  It’s refreshing to have one place to go to find the resources that are most important in my life. ”

Tamerin Cagle

WellBEing Resource provides an ongoing, updated directory to the full spectrum of healing arts offered in our region. Living from the heart takes constant attention, clearing out, inviting in… WellBEing Resource is visually inspiring and communicates positive energy to help us all move forward, from the heart.”

Renee Marie

Another great job Jill.  The resource guide looks beautiful. Thank you for another great year.  Love and blessings to you!!”

Susie Langeland-Alling • Calligrapher

Thank you beautiful soul for all you do for our community ♥”

Sandra Cox  ~ Sacramento, CA

I love the WellBEing Resource guide! Thanks for being such a wonderful service for our community! The brightest of blessings to you!”  

Liz Hornbrook

I LOVE the new cover! I’m very excited to be a part of the WellBEing Resource. I’m getting many calls from prospective clients; the listing has definitely paid for itself and then some.  I love the added benefit of your online directory, because if I want to add or change something, it is easily done!“

Linda Charles  • Intuitive Coach

I am thrilled to be part of a community that focuses on Well Being. No matter what modality, or path one chooses, all aspects of who we are needs to be integrated. This resource supplies the tools and the practitioners to make that happen. Thank you Well Being Resource Guide, and thank you Jill.”

Pauline Haynes, Certified Life Coach

I enjoy sharing the book with those in my office and others I have met.  I also enjoy reading it and seeing all the awesome healers in this town and surrounding area.”

Maggie Smith, Harmony & Balance

I am so pleased to join the WellBEing Community because I am a healer who is new to the area.  With the WellBEing Directory I have an automatic list of referrals for my clients and myself.“

Linda Martin, BHS Practitioner & Oncology Massage

We are all about helping people explore their potential and exercise their personal, professional and creative power. And that cannot be done without WELL BEING!!! Check it out…”

Deidre Trudeau, Ezeeye Imaging

Proud to be in WellBEing, proud to carry WellBEing in my healing center.” Lisa Salonga

A really fantastic information source. And totally free.”

William Skydreamer

I am so excited to be networking with other people in my passion of assisting others in their healings! All of us working together make amazing changes in the world one person at a time!”

Shawna O’Meara

The WellBEing Resource has guided me to healing after being operated from a large benign, but dangerous, brain tumor. Thank you for your support and for providing the community with such an amazing resource. Your guide is a beautiful gift to many!”

Margaret De Barraicua, Arbonne Consultant #19962025

WellBEing Resource has brought me great clients ~ what you are doing is very much needed. Thank you for everything!”

Carla Kennedy, Ayurveda Practitioner

I have made many connections through the WellBEing Resource Guide that have lead to new clients… I love the value that I am receiving! I have tried many of the printed and online magazines in the Sacramento area, but WellBEing Resource is now the only printed guide in which I am advertising. I plan on continuing to being featured in this guide for as long as I am serving the Sacramento area.”

Christopher Robert Taylor

Thank you Jill! Awesome job in getting the word out for healing professionalsthrough so many avenues. Thank you!”

Karen Takayama, Acupressure Practitioner

I just received my new resource guide and just want to let you know how beautiful it is and how proud I am to be a part of the directory!  Thanks for doing this and for getting our work out in the world.”

Sylvia Sensiper  • Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner

I just saw your directory for the first time and did you ever do a great job. Thanks for pulling our community together – so very, very needed in this special time!

Linda Byrd, Transformational Astrologer

I love this guide ~ it is so beautiful! This is the area’s BEST resource for any seekers. I am happy to be a part of WellBEing Resource and excited to watch Jill grow it into a community of mutual support and personal connection that I know it will be. I have known Jill for some time now, and I know her to be a person of great integrity. I recommend working with her to anyone.”

Laura Kenney (moonfuller) • Artist

If you have yet to see (and feel) I Love WellBEing ~ you are in for a treat! The site is gorgeous and such clear refined energy of love and light. The frequency of it is filled with clarity, love and deep and abiding sweetness. It is easy to access, professional with heart, well done!Absolutely beautiful. A wonderful Resource and Beacon of light for our community and beyond.  I am honored to be a part and plan to support all you do with this. Thank you Jill!”

Judy Guadalupe  

Love your new website. I felt such a strong pull to take this step to be part of your resource… Your beautiful website called to me. Thanks for keeping us all connected!”

Laura Dawn Bridges 

As a former graphic designer for 30 years, I know great design when I see it. WellBEing Resource is soft, yet informative. The graphics are lovely, professional and I am so glad to be a part of WellBEing and your amazing work Jill!”

Linda Middlesworth, Vegan Mentor

I love the new WellBEing Resource guide. I like having a resource available that allows me to get to know members of my community offering and supportingmany modalities of health and wellness options, all at my fingertips.”

Alice Moore  • Photographer & Jewelry Maker

WellBEing Resource is the premier guide for the holistic health and wellness practitioner and enthusiast. The directory has hundreds of health and wellness practitioners. It is THE GO TO directory. I’m so glad to be featured! I know many practitioners who have built their businesses from advertising in this directory.Not only is this a great resource, it is also a community of conscious business owners sharing of their gifts for healthier living for mind, body, and spirit.”

Janna Chin, M.A.

I appreciate being part of the WellBEing Resource community of caring practitioners who provide valuable personal service alternatives.”

Bob Dreizler, Financial Consultant 

One of our instructors recommended we be a part of this directory and we are happy to have joined the network. WellBEing Resource is a valuable tool for those looking and those offering well being resources. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our massage training with those who have the same ideals and dreams we do through WellBEing Resource. It is exciting to be a part of a positive, peaceful, nurturing movement that is gaining momentum and being recognized as very credible techniques for Healing and WellBeing.”

Joyce Reim, Director, School of Shiatsu and Massage

Had a good smile at your message that things are going great. You really deserve it Jill. I know you’ve worked very hard to get a life focus and to magnetize a life’s work of service and joy. I really feel blessed by knowing you and sharing a bit on your path, and you on ours. We really appreciate the opportunity to get the word out to Sacramento through WellBEing Resource.”

Lalaan Hickey, The Expanding Light Retreat

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