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Adopt a Cat at Happy Tails

WellBEing Resource is a very proud sponsor of Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary in East Sacramento, which is a no-kill, all volunteer, cage free place where needy animals are rescued, nurtured, and provided shelter and medical care (including spaying and neutering) before being placed in safe, loving, permanent homes.

If  you have been looking to add a new, loving member to your family, check in with Happy Tails! After adoption, if needed, Happy Tails animals may be returned at any time, no questions asked.

For additional info, events, and specials, please visit their website: www.happytails.org


TreeHugger :)

Hugging trees is a meditation and a union. Today is a beautiful day to hug a tree 🙂 Honor the tree with touch, wrap your arms around it, and take a few deep breaths. Just feel the energy coming from the tree. Notice that the tree is alive just like you and me! It is resilient and enduring. It is fruitful, abundant, and always evolving.

“I have always felt very very drawn to trees! I just love them..it’s like they speak to me in a very special way. This is me hugging a redwood along the ‘Avenue of Giants’ last year. I am a proud tree hugger!” Angela Ramos

“Hug a tree today. It will make your soul happy.” Gay Cooper, TreeHugger

Jill Bernard, TreeHugger

Are You A TreeHugger?  Please email us your photo or leave a reply!