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What Does Your Life Path Hold?

(Adapted from Ricky Lake site):

As 2013 approaches, finding out your life path number may help determine your new year resolutions. Here’s how to find out your life path number. Let’s use Ricki as an example on how to determine your own number.

How To Find Your Life Path Number:  Ricki Lake was born 9-21-1968

Break down the birthday numbers: 9+2+1+1+9+6+8=36

Then breakdown that number: 3+6=9;  9 is Ricki’s Life Path Number!


1: “independent, self motivated, and hard workers.” They love to be first and are self-critical, as well as sometimes critical of others. 1’s are great multi-taskers and like to always be busy. And don’t even think about being lazy around a 1.

2:  peace keepers and would do well as mediators. Very loyal, if a 2 says “I love you,” you better believe they mean it. They’re good companions and have a strong desire to “share their lives with someone special.” But don’t push a 2 too far. If they’re backed into a corner, watch out.

3:  the ultimate communicators — in both written and verbal methods. Think actors, singers, performers… 3’s do well on stage and in front of a camera. 3’s are naturally funny, yet can be moody if their creative side isn’t put to goo use. Known to stretch the truth a bit, 3’s are famous for their trademark smile and sparkly eyes.

4:  homebodies — creatures of comfort. Big thinkers, they sometimes need to learn how to shut off their minds. 4’s like everything in its place and excel in organization. A sure sign something could be wrong with a 4 is if his home space is a mess and not in order.

5: seeks freedom, fun, adventure. If they do not live the adventure, their lives become way too dramatic. They are the natural detectives and celebrators of life (holidays are usually their specialty). 5’s have a hard time settling down and have a fear of being trapped or smothered in a relationship.

6: like to take care and rescue. If male, they like to be the knight in shining armor. nurturers. Females tend to mother the “little boy” in their men. 6’s would do well running the show but need to take heed: If all is going well, a 6 might just come in and ruin it. 6’s tend to look up to others, and find themselves disappointed when they don’t live up to expectations. 6’s are magnetic and draw others to them. Whatever mood a 6 is in, the room feels it.

7: are also thinkers with a desire to be alone. 7’s would do well trusting and having a little faith.They have a loner quality. Natural beauty catches the attention of a 7: ocean, flowers, sunsets, etc. 7’s need to be careful when not based in faith, they can try to escape through addiction; drugs, alcohol, work, etc. 7’s play it close to the vest and like a bit of mystery.

8: need financial security above most else. They’re not good at taking advice and feel strongly about making their own decisions — often leading them to learn difficult lessons. 8’s can be honest to a fault. Often blunt, they can leave hurt feelings in their wake — albeit unintentionally. But their sometimes- insensitive actions are the result of the opposite happening inside. 8’s have strong feelings about what happens in their lives.

9: great leaders, often assumed to be in charge, even when they’re not. A 9 is known for taking care of others but could use a bit of assurance when they have their own needs, especially asking for help and emotional support. It’s not uncommon for a 9 to feel either abandoned by their parents, or overwhelmingly responsible for them. They hold on to the past.

For more, visit Glynis at NumbersLady.com.

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Practicing Gratitude in 2013


I saw this awesome post on facebook in 2012 by Slice of Life… Who wants to start this practice for this new year of 2013?  Please Comment Below.

Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen; In essence: recording all life’s gifts and actively practicing gratitude.

On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year!


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Heart Opening Meditation

(By Ed & Deb Shapiro)

When you honor the wisdom in your heart, then you act from this core of your being. You experience it in those moments when your needs and worries quietly dissolve and confusion or pain no longer dominates. Tears may spontaneously arise and there is a sensation of great warmth and peace. It is the letting-go of fear and the need to control. Try the meditation below to get more deeply in touch with this loving center of your being.

Opening Heart Meditation:

Settle your body in an upright and seated posture. Bring your focus to the natural flow of your breath as it enters and leaves your body. Just watch your breath as your mind settles.

Now bring your attention to the heart space in the center of your chest. And just breathe in and out of this space. As you do so, with each in-breathe feel your heart gently opening and softening; with each out-breathe release any tension or resistance.

As you do this, silently repeat, “My heart is opening and softening.” You may experience great joy or even sadness. Let the feelings come and go, while you just keep breathing into your heart space.

Stay here as long as you wish. When you are ready, take a deep breath and let it go. Gently open your eyes and take the peace of your heart with you through your day…

Ed and Deb Shapiro are the authors of Be The Change, How Meditation Can Transform You and the World. They are featured weekly contributors to Oprah.com, HuffingtonPost.com and Care2.com. They have three meditation CDs: Metta: Loving Kindness and Forgiveness, Samadhi: Breath Awareness and Insight and Yoga Nidra: Inner Conscious Relaxation.

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What is “WellBEing”?


I hear the term well-being thrown around all the time and while I had an idea of what it meant, I decided to look it up and see what the dictionary definition said.  This is what I most commonly found: “A contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.”

I love that! And then going deeper, what do happy, healthy, and prosperous each mean? For everyone, it can be something very different.

By getting clear on what each aspect of well-being means to you, as well as pondering how attaining an ideal state of each will affect your life for the better, it becomes easy to make a priority of creating a lifestyle that brings optimum happiness, healthfulness, and prosperity, ultimately resulting in a balanced, glorious state of well-being.

What increases your sense of well-being? Some ideas include:

Gratitude, Learning/Trying New Things, Genuine Friendships, Lot of Laughter, Eating Fresh Produce, Drinking Pure Water, Animal Friends, More Compassion, Less Judgement, Sunshine & Nature, Yoga & Meditation, Doing What You Love!, Positive Environment (people, surroundings, etc.), Contribution (through career or charitable work), Creativity & Art, Movement & Dance, and Play!

And then where does “WellBEing” come from… why the BE? Much more than doing, attaining, striving, reacting, it is the BEing that most matters. When not in action (mind or body), who are you? What is your state? Joyful? Content? Blissful? Angry? Sad? Still? Ultimately it’s your state of BEing that makes you Well… or not.

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” Francesca Reigler

“For everyone, well-being is a journey. The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself.”  Deepak Chopra

Be sure to comment below with your own ideas!

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Inspirational Quotes

What is your favorite inspirational quote?  One of my favorites is below… it has really rung true this year and it’s something I keep reminding myself of!

No matter who tries to hold you down (including yourself & mind), know that beautiful things, creations, and transformations are right around the corner. Stay in integrity, put your  into your soulful offerings to the world and no one can stop you!

Please share with me your favorite inspirational quotes 🙂


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TreeHugger :)

Hugging trees is a meditation and a union. Today is a beautiful day to hug a tree 🙂 Honor the tree with touch, wrap your arms around it, and take a few deep breaths. Just feel the energy coming from the tree. Notice that the tree is alive just like you and me! It is resilient and enduring. It is fruitful, abundant, and always evolving.

“I have always felt very very drawn to trees! I just love them..it’s like they speak to me in a very special way. This is me hugging a redwood along the ‘Avenue of Giants’ last year. I am a proud tree hugger!” Angela Ramos

“Hug a tree today. It will make your soul happy.” Gay Cooper, TreeHugger

Jill Bernard, TreeHugger

Are You A TreeHugger?  Please email us your photo or leave a reply!

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“Sankalpa” Setting Intention for 2012

On New Years Day I visited Rise Yoga in the Greenhaven Pocket area of Sacramento, CA for an “Inspired Intention” yoga class, in which through meditation and asana (yoga postures), we set personal intentions from our most heartfelt desire.  The yoga teacher and studio owner Ann guided us into an “I Am” statement and suggested we let it come from the heart (not the head).

What came up for me during my New Years Day class was “I Am Love” and it evolved into “I Am In Love”.  Through the class I discovered my core, and was reminded of my deepest desires and to be true to myself.

This can be a practice we can do each day, or any other time, during yoga practice, meditation, or even just lying in bed (morning or night).  As we breath and state “I Am…  I Am…  I Am…”, allowing moments between each “I Am” and allowing your head/mind to stay silent, while your heart fills in the rest of the statement.  Practicing patience with a knowing that what’s true will arise.

(Jan. 2 Morning Follow up: So inspired by my New Year’s Day Yoga class, I am continuing the month with an “I AM” Kundalini Yoga and meditations series with Sukhbir {Monday and Wednesday mornings starting at 5am during January at The Yoga Seed} to ignite the fire of the THIRD CHAKRA and overcome inertia! This course is geared to help us strengthen our will, discipline and commitment so that we are able to set goals and have the staying power to achieve them.)

(Jan. 2 Evening Follow up: I desired more yoga after a long day… And, now, I am learning to respect my desires… So this evening, I visited It’s All Yoga and took a Level 1 Yoga Class with the lovely Michelle Marlahan ~ the class had emphasis on breath, alignment, and strong focus on the presence… the here and now. I left feeling joyful and calm).

Please share what comes to “heart” for you…



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