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Astrological Guidance

Intuitive Guidance & Healing

Spiritual Coaching & Counseling

Soul, Spirit, Shamanic & Daoist Work


Astrological Guidance

Natasha Kealoha, Astrologer

Natasha offers personal astrological readings that support you to confidently traverse unclear paths and unveil your most authentic self. She also publishes a free online newsletter that delves into the most significant astrological alignment of each month, offering clarity and empowerment as we navigate great personal and collective change.

Sign up for this free astrology newsletter at astroalohanews.substack.com 

Location  Sacramento | Virtual 
Email  kealoha.astrology@gmail.com 
Website  natashakastrology.com


Intuitive Guidance & Healing

Center Your Spirit ~ Lori Wahl
Intuitive Energy Healer, Inspirational Life Mentor, Spiritual Guide 

I purify and empower others, so they can transform and function from a clearer space, while moving joyously and confidently into a more authentically connected, inspired, and purposeful life.

Mention WellBEing for 15% off initial 30+ minute session.

Location  Virtual 
Phone  720-259-9793
Web  LoriWahl.com

Rev Shannon Cary ~ “Hello’s, I Do’s & Goodbye’s”©
Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Energetic Healing, Classes

Embrace your life with an energetic flow that resonates with YOU! I offer experienced insight & guidance to assist you in consciously creating your path. My belief is that with acceptance, empowerment & focus – WE can change our lives. “Remember to Always Let Your Light Shine Brightly!”©

Mention WellBEing for $10 off first 1/2 hour Session. 

Location  Skype | Phone
Phone  916-712-6012
Web  RevShannon.com

Sebastian ~ Psychic & Therapeutic Touch 

A Sensitive That Sees and Feels What’s Around You

I can see things beyond sight and hear things beyond hearing. I can help you help yourself. I have been reading professionally for over 45 years and am a naturally open psychic medium since birth. My readings offer information about the future, your ancestry, intuitive business guidance, communication with those on the other side, and even your pets.

Location  Sacramento | Virtual
Phone  916-595-4924
Email  herbie50lee1@msn.com


Spiritual Coaching & Counseling

Julia Rinne, Soul Investigator
Deeply Holding Space for Your Transformation

Painful life experiences have negative impacts on each of us. The effects of these experiences can linger and cause deep emotional pain.  As a Spiritual Coach, I’ll guide you into a place of deep understanding and acceptance of self and life. From this place, pain diminishes and is replaced by ease, peace, and a wonderful freedom to be you! I use several techniques that work with the negative beliefs you took on as a small child about yourself, others, and the world.  My clients report increasing comfort and ease in their life.

Mention WellBEing for a free hour consult + 25% off a Belief Transformation Basics class.

Location  Midtown Sacramento | Virtual


Soul, Spirit, Shamanic, & Daoist Work

Diane Hovey, PhD. – Transformational Healing
Hawaiian Shamanic Tradition – Lapa’au

Healing, whether of the body, mind, or spirit comes from within. Together, through a blend of disciplines that meet your unique needs, we will discover and unlock the doors that stand between you and who you were born to be. The work may involve soul retrieval, past life / between lives regression, and Hawaiian Lapa’au. The foundation of the work we do together stands upon a masters in counseling psychology from the University of Hawaii, certification in medical hypnotherapy, and training in Hawaiian healing from the last of the Po-okahuna bloodline kahunas, David Kaonohiokalua “Daddy” Bray. The results are rapid and deeply profound. 

Location  Fair Oaks
Phone  916-925-8200 | 916-965-6558
Email  Diane@Transformational-Healing.net
Web  Transformational-Healing.net

Bill Wright – Guiding & Inspiring Self-Healing

Are you happy? Does life feel easy and fun? Do you have an inner-knowing that there’s more to Life? The Nine Stages of Daoist Alchemy are an ancient Spiritual technology for true healing, transformation, and a step-by-step map for you to truly thrive in your life. I will support you along your own journey in aligning deeply with the energetic template you were born with.

Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Location  Auburn | Nevada City | Virtual
Web HeartFloss.club
Phone  530-886-8927

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