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Living In Vibrant Balance Holistic Health Coaching
Chef Brooke Preston & Holistic Practitioner, Monica Biery

Creating lasting vitality, immunity, and joy in our renewed bodies is our greatest gift to ourselves and those around us. Our 30-Day Living In Vibrant Balance group sessions ignite sustained joy, healthy weight, fast & delicious meals, refreshed skin, gut restoration, confidence, your own healing power, and balanced hormones. We look forward to the journey with you! 

Location  Virtual | Greater Sacramento
Phone  916-975-7212
Web  VibrantBalance.Life

Amber Vodden, D.C.
Picture of Health Chiropractic & Nutrition

Dr. Amber Vodden specializes in Nutrition Response Testing, which uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify hidden body stressors and balance the body using whole food nutrition. It is a non-invasive method to identify food sensitivities, chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, or organ imbalance which can create physical symptoms.

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Location  700 Sunrise Ave, Ste O, Roseville
Phone  916-788-2780
Web  PictureofHealthChiro.com

Bill Wright – Guiding & Inspiring Self-Healing

Are you happy? Does life feel easy and fun? Symptoms and/or dis-ease are invitations for you to align more fully with your authentic self. The Nine Stages of Daoist Alchemy are an ancient Spiritual technology for true healing, transformation, and a step-by-step map for you to truly thrive in your life. I will support you along your own journey in aligning deeply with the energetic template you were born with.

Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Location   Auburn | Nevada City | Virtual
Web  HeartFloss.club
Phone  530-886-8927

Sustainable Health Solutions Inc.
Donya Fahmy, CEO, Alchemist in Chief

We all have things we want to do, be, or achieve in life. Imagine how much your capacity for this could increase if you consistently had more energy, better focus, minimal stress, and felt good in your body. I show women how to elevate their health and personal wellbeing so they can enjoy their divine right to lasting wellness.

Grab a complimentary copy of my Wellness Success Guide and get started today at:

Location  Virtual
Phone  415-648-0127
Web  donyafahmy.com

Fatima Pagtakhan, Holistic Health Coach

I focus on lowering toxic exposure, so you can start living a more vibrant and sustainable life. Toxic free living, made simpler.

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Location  Virtual
Phone  209-562-3398
Web  KindHeartLifestyle.com

Earth Mama Wholistic Wellness
Melinda Krug, HWP, PHom

Earth Mama Wholistic Wellness offers a multi-faceted approach to living your most vibrant life with a primary emphasis on the healing properties of homeopathy. Melinda has over 25 years experience with a focus on the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. She passionately believes in the power of the body to heal itself with the right guidance and care and utilizes a variety of approaches from homeopathy to bioenergetic testing and personalized wellness plans to help achieve and maintain optimal wellness. Whether you are dealing with an ongoing illness or injury, are looking for emotional balance, need help with an acute issue, or simply want to take your physical and mental wellbeing to the next level, Earth Mama Wholistic Wellness provides a positive and uplifting environment in which to do so.

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Location  4099 Bridge St, Ste B  Fair Oaks | Virtual
Phone  916-878-9092
Web  EarthMamaWholisticWellness.com

Well with Lisa | Lisa Salisbury 
Life, Health, and Weight Loss Coach

Are you ready to lose weight, gain energy, and become emotionally stronger in your relationship with food and your body? My clients stop obsessing about everything they eat, learn actionable tools to manage cravings, and become their healthiest self. 

Mention WellBEing for a free 30-min strategy session & 15% off coaching package. 

Location  Roseville | Virtual 
Phone  408-429-9225
Web  wellwithlisa.com | podcast.wellwithlisa.com 

VeganMentor ~ Linda Middlesworth, CPT
Cert. Plant Nutrition, Cornell; Food for Life Instructor, PCRM

I offer a 30-Day Vegan Health Watch Program. After you do all the reading and see the important films, I monitor your daily food intake & exercise and coach you to know how to find optimal health and achieve your correct body weight to thrive. You’ll be eating a whole foods and plant exclusive diet. I also offer cooking & nutrition classes, showing which foods promote weight loss, cancer prevention & survival, and diabetes prevention & reversal.

Phone  916-798-5516
Web  VeganMentor.com

Terri Test #2

Balance Achieved ~ Wellness, One Habit at a Time
Terri Test, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Have you felt like you “quit” on yourself? Ready to make YOU the priority again? I can help you discover your own individual path to a life filled with more energy and balance, through a new perspective on self-care, nutrition, sleep, and recognizing your body’s cues for imbalance. Empowered with the right tools/knowledge, you will have more energy, life balance, and feel in charge of how you feel every day.

Mention WellBEing for a free health consult + $75 off a program.

Location  Sacramento | Virtual
Phone  916-798-0233
Web  BalanceAchieved.com
Email  terri@balanceachieved.com

Pétra Hawes-Glenesk, M.A., ICF-ACC, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Integrative & Holistic Health Coach

Start Optimizing Your Life! I am here to empower and motivate you to cultivate your best self, while enhancing your resilience and overall wellbeing. In private practice since 2012, I specialize in HeartMath, sleep health, brain health, stress management, anti-aging, and trauma informed coaching, with a Master’s in clinical psychology.

Mention WellBEing for a free 15-minute introduction consultation. 

Location  Virtual
Phone  916-870-0846   
Email  petra@techforstress.com   
Web  techforstress.com

View Pétra‘s WellBEing blog post on Quality Sleep for Energy & Resilience

Rebuilding after Cancer with Tona Rose

You may be wondering: How do I make it through treatment feeling strong? How do I get back my strength & endurance after treatment? These are all valid questions. I am here to assist you every step of the way. Together we will find what works for you.

Call today for a free consultation.

Location  1111 H St #206 Sacramento | Virtual
Phone  916-212-6291
Web  RebuildingAfterCancer.com

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