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Amber Vodden, D.C.
Picture of Health Chiropractic & Nutrition
916-788-2780 (Roseville) 

Dr. Amber Vodden specializes in Nutrition Response Testing, which uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to identify hidden body stressors and balance the body using whole food nutrition. It is a non-invasive method to identify food sensitivities, chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, or organ imbalance which can create physical symptoms. 700 Sunrise Ave. Ste O, Roseville. Mention WellBEing for 30% off initial visit!

Terri Test #2Balance Achieved ~ Wellness, One Habit at a Time
Terri Test, Certified Holistic Health Coach
916-798-0233  • Sacramento & Virtual

Finding the perfect balance between your life and your habits is an ongoing process. I will help you uncover your own individual path to a life filled with more energy and balance through a new perspective on self-care, nutrition, sleep, and recognizing your body’s cues for imbalance. Empowered with the right tools and knowledge, you will be able to feel alive and in charge of how you feel every day. Mention WellBEing for a free health consult + $40 off any program. •

Eugenia “Nitza” Pinder, MCD, RDN; Food Be Your Medicine
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Yoga Acharya (Master)
415-741-6721 • Mobile & Virtual

It is my goal to inspire excellent health & vibrancy! Together, with my 17 years of training and experience, we’ll utilize clinical dietetics and holistic nutrition for your individualized plan. I provide medical nutrition therapy, evidence based nutrition counseling, goal setting assistance, exercise routine & meal planning, cooking instruction, and group lectures. Today’s the day! Mention WellBEing for a free 30 minute consultation.

Melinda Krug Castillo, HWP ~ Green Earth Healing Arts
Life/Nutrition Coach, Mind/Body Transformational Psychology
916-878-9092 • Fair Oaks & Virtual

True health and wellness requires balance. My goal is to help you restore harmony; mind, body, and spirit. Using both life and nutrition coaching, I can help you make conscious food choices that will optimize your health and give you the tools you need to balance your lifestyle and practice a toxic-free environment, both physically and emotionally. Are you ready to find a whole, balanced, and beautiful you? Mention WellBEing for a free phone consultation, plus $20 off your first •

Complete Health with Kassy
Kassy Clifford, INHC
916-813-0444 • Sacramento

I believe in order to maximize our health, it is important to examine all areas of our lives. My mission is to empower my clients to listen to their bodies through a strategy of simple suggestions that ultimately lead to lasting changes. Together, we accomplish this through group and individual coaching programs, cooking classes, pantry make-overs and much more. I am a proud Alumni and ambassador of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school. Mention WellBEing for a free 30 minute breakthrough session + superfood goodie guide.

Kristina Cole, Certified Holistic Health Coach 
Integrative Nutrition, Functional Medicine 
916-827-0999 • Fair Oaks  

I take a whole body approach, seeking  root causes to health concerns, from meal planning to reducing or even reversing chronic conditions like insulin resistance and autoimmune issues. Simple steps from Whole Food Cleanses to adding supplements for balance. Mention WellBEing for a free consultation + sign up for a 3 month coaching program and receive a free VIP day. •

Linda Middlesworth, VeganMentor Business, CPTCert. Plant Nutrition, Cornell; Food for Life Instructor, PCRM
916-798-5516 • Varied Locations

I offer a “30-Day Vegan Health Watch” which is a monitored, daily coaching of your healthy, whole foods, plant based diet for weight loss & optimal health. As a Cancer Project: Food for Life Instructor, PCRM, I offer cooking & nutrition classes showing which foods promote weight loss, cancer prevention & survival, and diabetes prevention & reversal. • •

Pamela Connor, Nutritionist
Functional Medicine, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Speaker
916-404-0886 • Roseville

Pamela takes a functional medicine and integrative approach to healing and the factors influencing health. She offers a science based and nutritional approach getting to the root cause. A wide variety of diagnostic and lab testing are available for conditions, such as Autoimmune disorders, genetic testing, detoxification, hormone balance, food allergies, gut and digestive issues, depression, and more. See our website for services and testing available. 

Sara Valentine Holistic Health
Women’s Health and Wellness Coach
510-407-5575 • Placerville & Virtual
Through the ancient teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda, Sara empowers and inspires women to tune-in to the wisdom within so that they may live their lives with clarity, confidence and courage. Mention WellBEing for a 1 hour complementary session in person or virtually. •

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