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What’s Your Favorite Non-Profit Organization?

We’re now creating the 2014 edition of WellBEing Resource and are giving away a free ad feature to an established and local non-profit organization voted for by our facebook friends and fans, as well as YOU our site visitors.

What is YOUR favorite non-profit organization in our region?  Scroll down a little to place your vote in the comments section below OR email us your fav organization today!

0 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Non-Profit Organization?”

  1. The Institute of Noetic Sciences! (IONS)

    This is absolutely, hands down, the most fascinating, intriguing, piece of intellectual creativity all gathered together in one place that I think I have ever found, ever… Except for of course a Library, but you have to sort thru all the other stuff to get to the Truth and Reality… or is it Perception and Possibility?? OMG how I do love Quantum Physics Theory!!! And I taught myself all about it here! Outstanding!!

    IONS is absolutely AMAZING! I could (and have) spend HOURS here pouring through the amazing and incredible wisdom and knowledge contained within this site! I am truely in awe of this incredible non-profit project, founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and the outstanding standard of intellectual genius that is gathered here!! I am honored to select IONS as my very FIRST affiliate endorsement on my own website, and I support them in everyway possible! I hope to even make my contribution to the knowledge database someday! Kudos and way to go to this incredible foundation! You too will find yourself dumbfounded, awestricken, and filled with wonder and amazement when you get that “ah-HA!” moment of clarity and understanding!

    Many Blessings, Magickal Mel

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