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Experience Trumps Fear

Ever had a hard time deciding to do, or not do, something? Most often we more regret the things that we don’t do, than the things we do do. Although action may not always give us the result/outcome we initially anticipated, it always gives us a new experience, a connection, a gift, something to remember, something to grow from, something to share, and often something to be joyful for.

The universe puts desire in to you for a reason… a purpose.

Ask if you’ll regret not taking this opportunity and if so, take the chance…  Often support is needed when moving forward in a big way, so it’s really important to surround yourself with people that really want you to succeed and be your happiest self, and are not overly fearful themselves.

You’ll find the more you give things a try, the easier future actions will be, and the more you will step into who you truly are and have always been.

So, if there’s something you want to do, yet have fear around: Just do it. Life’s too short to not.

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