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Inspiration & Flow

What inspires you? How do you inspire others? It’s great to ponder on this and jot it down! We feel most alive in a state of inspiration, closely related to love ~ love of life! And equally feel amazing when being an inspiration to others, often by doing what inspires us ~ BEing joyful and in a state of flow often correlates with inspiration.

When going for my dreams or taking on a new way of life, I am always inspired by something “greater” than myself… for instance: compassion for all BEings (human-kind AND animal-kind) and creating something for the community (like the WellBEing Resource).

Seeing others in states of joy is also extremely inspiring to me: When I see others going for their dreams, taking chances, overcoming their fears, and thriving…  Seeing people in their “moment” and/or element, expressing their unique genius (whatever that may be) is always beautiful & joyfully emotional for me, inspiring me to go for it and do the same.

Please let me know what inspires you and how you wish to inspire ~ I’d love to hear!

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