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Healthy Apple Cobbler!

Submitted by WellBEing Resource featured, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner: Kristy Corah

Dessert does not have to mean processed white flour and white sugar. This is a delicious and nutritious recipe by Sally Fallon author of Nourishing Traditions Cookbook. All ingredients can be found at Whole Foods or a Natural Foods Co-op.

(t=teaspoon;  T=tablespoon, C=cup)

Peel & core 8 tart apples; Cut into slices. Toss with juice of 1-2 lemons.

Mix 2T Rapadura (dehydrated cane sugar juice), grated rind of 1 lemon, 1T arrowroot, and 1/2t cinnamon together.

Toss above with apples and place in a buttered (Vegan’s use coconut oil) baking dish.

Place 3/4C almonds in a food processor and process to a powder. Add 6T softened butter (or coconut oil), 3/4C arrowroot flour, 1/4 cup Rapadura, 1t vanilla and 1/4t salt, and process until crumbly.

Crumble mixture on apples. Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

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